Sunday, October 17, 2010

Youtube in 3D

This is an old piece of news that I think not many people are aware of. Youtube actually had roll out support for 3D content since July 2009. You can search for 3D enabled video by including "yt3d:enable=true" keyword in your search.

Watching typical 360p 3D video will push the processor usage to around 70% to 80% (varies with processor). Watching the same 360p 3D video at full screen smoothly is impossible as it will stutter (for me at least, don't take my word for it :D). Perhaps it needs an i5 or i7 to view it smoothly, I don't know.
The reason for such processing power is basically because it renders 2 videos at the same time; the red stream and the blue stream and overlay them together creating the 3D effect that we know.

On top of the traditional red and blue 3D, Youtube also experiment with lots of different type of 3D rendering.

You can watch the same video in the images above here:

Have fun exploring 3D!

"Its so real its out of the screen!"