Monday, July 28, 2008

Opening Office '07 format with Office '03

Having troubles viewing Office 2007's format with Office 2003?

The reason you cannot view the Office 2007's format with Office 2003 is because the format used has changed. From what I have observed, Office 2007 has a better graphic rendering when it comes to Word Art as it can render real-time shadows and reflections. Besides that, it can render border to any images as well as create to feather effects on the fly. That's the features that I noticed when I was working on group assignments with my friends.

Now, for those Office 2003 lover like me, fear no more as Microsoft has released a compatibility pack to make viewing and editing of some portions of Office 2007 file formats in Office 2003 possible. Most of the advanced graphics are converted into images which cannot be edited.

Doesn't it make life easier when I can open all the files without compatibility issues? I mean you won't face errors when you wanted to open some documents. Now I can open them with no worries at all. :)

Get the compatibility pack HERE.