Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our World, Their War

Thanks Nuffnang for organising this exciting contest!

The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the Moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and learn its secrets, which could turn the tide in the Transformers’ final battle.

I have opted for Option B: Tell us how you would defy the Autobots and destroy the world, and which Decepticons character you would like to transform into to destroy the world.

I would want to transform into Soundwave, Decepticon's Communication Officer. It is an important role as communications will reveal vital information that will turn the tide of war.

Unknown to the Autobots, I hacked one of the six new spy satellites that allow the humans to share up-to-date intelligence across a vast operational area. Through intercepted communications, I have learnt that the humans had uncovered our old Cybertronian battleship that crash landed on the moon and had recovered several items from it. Exactly what item that was taken is not named in the file. I believe there is more information that can be uncovered from the origin of the communication; a military installation code-named Facility D-49.

I passed on this piece of information to Megatron and he ordered an infiltration mission to gather more intelligence. A group of Pretenders are dispatched for the job. However, the Pretenders can be easily exposed during a full body scan at the D-49 entry point. So, Starscream and I will deploy with the Pretenders to provide distraction in order for the Pretender to gain access into D-49. At the silence and darkness of night, the Pretenders took the identity of the guards who are patrolling the outer perimeter of D-49 by scanning and transforming into them.


The guns and the ID cards are taken to allow access to the inner perimeter. From there, the Pretenders move towards the entrance of the facility. When they arrived there, I transform into fighter jet and attack the facility with Starscream. The attack quickly turned the silent night into chaotic firestorm as all the armed personnel are experiencing deafening explosions and flying bullets all over the perimeter. The Autobots have been alerted of the situation and they are speeding their way to D-49.

In the cover of the surprise attack, the Pretenders sneaks into D-49 and gather intelligence regarding the items recovered from the Cybertronian battleship. While looking for the items, the Pretenders notify me that they detected unusual energy anomaly outside a secured lab that matches the Cybertronian energy signature. Realising it could be the energy cell from the Cybertronian battleship, I request reinforcements from Megatron to hold off the incoming Autobots. It should buy us more time while the Pretenders attempt to recover the energy cell.

Just seconds after the request is sent, I was shot by Ironhide. I quickly retaliated by firing several projectiles. He managed to dodge most but still sustained a few hits. At the same time, I realized that the Autobots are accompanied by USAF’s F-35s and they are firing at me and Starscream. Being outnumbered, I deploy Ravage for assistance. Starscream and I quickly turn all the F-35s into flying scrap metals and focus our attack on the Autobots. I get down to the ground and fights Ironhide. We exchanged a few blows and I was hit by a human’s experimental weapon firing from afar. It did tremendous damage to both Starscream and I. When I was about to retreat, the reinforcements had arrived to assist.

During the intense firefights, the Pretenders have managed to access the secured lab with keycards obtained from several high ranking officers. The keycards was disguise as the Ultimate Movie Card which packs more features than average cards. It allows the officers to access to most if not all the areas in the facility.

Using the keycard, the Pretenders had successfully recovered the energy cell and are exiting the facility with it. I dashed my way towards the facility’s entrance hoping I can heal myself with the energy cell. Optimus Prime was hot on my trail trying to stop me from getting to the energy cell. Fortunately, Scorponok managed to hold Optimus off a while and allow me to reach the Pretenders. Without second thought, I grabbed the energy cell and I can feel the rush of energy into my body and my wounds are healed in an instance. With the energy boost, I fly towards the space and transforms into satellite. I tell all Decepticons to fall back as I am going to unleashed my ion cannon on the entire facility.

The Autobots are forced to retreat. The next step for the Decepticons would be to resurrect the Cybertronian battleship with the energy cell and invasion of Earth will begin.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

Greetings! Happy New Year!

This is the first post for 2011 and I'm going to start it off with some entertainment. Yeah!
I'm going to put up my personal anticipated movie list of 2011. Without much crap, here is it:

The Mechanic

I Am Number Four


Source Code

Super 8

The Green Lantern

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Cowboys and Aliens

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

*no trailer for this at the time of writing

I think that is pretty much all the movies that I have in mind at the time of writing =)

Have an awesome year! Cheers~

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Google Explores Our Body With Body Browser

The Google corporation has been providing us with innovative services that enhances our daily lives. What's next? Now their latest project is this, Google Body Browser. It is basically a 3D model of the human anatomy. On the educational front, this tool should be helpful for those involved in biological or medicinal studies. The 3D model is certainly more interesting to look at than the good old 2D diagrams. Moreover, this tool literally allows peeling off the tissues and organs to have a better view at desirable areas of interest. The layers that can be manipulated are the skin, muscles, bones, organs, circulatory system, and nervous system.

Upon clicking at the body parts, it will be focused and the name label will appear. The labeling also can be enabled where all the labels are displayed depending on the layer visible as well as the level of detail that you are looking at. If you can't find what you want, you can type in to search at the top right corner of the interface.

Click to view larger image

This tool is currently in Google Labs and requires a web browser with WebGL support (Chrome beta, Firefox 4.0b1) in order to play view it. Please do also note that it might take a couple of minutes to load all of the flesh, tissues and organs. Blame the human body for being so complex slow Streamyx connection.

On a side note, there is no option to choose the model's gender. Future feature maybe?

Checkout Body Browser now!

Source: Gizmodo

Friday, December 3, 2010

Google Beatbox

I saw something interesting in Twitter last week and I'm posting about it now. Some of you may already saw this on your friend's Facebook statuses.

1) Go to Google Translate
2) Set the translator to translate German to German
3) Copy + paste the following into the translate box: pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch
4) Click “listen”
5) Be amazed :)

You can make your own combination of beatbox with the following guide:
zk = suspended cymbal
bschk = snare
pv = brush
bk = bass
tk = flam1
vk = roll tap
kt = flam2
kttp = flam tap
krp = hi hat tap
pv = short roll
th = better hi hat
thp, ds = instant rimshot.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still YES 4G? NO!

With all the adverts and hypes created by YTL earlier, us Malaysians have high expectations from them. Too bad for them, lots of us Malaysians are disappointed and frustrated (even turned away and say NO!) toward YES. YES, they didn't even past the first day and us rakyat already responding negatively.

Speaking about time, since I last saw this...

I have never seen the main site until the time this post is published (28 hours and counting!). The only thing is see is this...

Their official twitter said they were having Denial-of-Service (Dos) attacks. It may be true or its just them lousy at fixing the issue. Anyway, their team of engineers should have expected the high amount of traffic and possible attacks "risks" as part of risk management activity.

Moving on, the pricing. I was quite interested with the "Pay-as-you-use" and "No expiry" fact. Even Tan Sri says so:
It will have the lowest rate in the industry with no monthly commitment and conditions
Tan Sri Francis Yeoh
As it turns out, nothing is true about it. You need to maintain minimum usage of RM30 per month to keep the service active. What happened to the "no monthly commitment and conditions"?? Does Tan Sri missed the meeting with accounts department or overlooked the memo?

Is there any more misleading information that they tell? YES, literally. Technically YES is NOT 4G. It is based on WiMax technology.
4G as a standard defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) will only see its final release in 2012.
ITU defines 4G speeds as reaching 100 Mbps. By that definition, says Davies, “No one, right now, (is offering) 4G.”
Quoted from:

As it is based on the WiMax technology, experience with P1 WiMax reminds the inability to get online on a higher floor in an office block / condominium. If you can barely get a signal at higher floors, how do we make and receive calls there? Whether this is true or otherwise, we need to watch out for reviews in the near future.

The Star

Thursday, November 18, 2010


YES its coming tomorrow! Yes the YES 4G network by YTL Communications. Some of you might noticed the adverts at Lot 10 with some storm troopers hanging around.

More and more details is uncovered these few days. The pricing is rated at 9 cents per sms, per minute of talktime and every 3MB of data.

The leaflet shows the devices that are compatible for the 4G network. No pricing for the devices at the time of writing. Everything will be unveiled tomorrow at launch!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Manipulate Body Shape With MovieReshape

There is a new software in town! It allows the alteration of physical body shape. This amazing software is called MovieReshape. This piece of software can alter an actor's body proportion making him or her slimmer, fatter, taller or shorter. Actors can breathe a sigh of relief as they doesn't need to physically drop or gain weight according to a movie's need.

This software can recognise a body shape in a video and alters it according to a pre-defined proportion. This produces resultant video within few hours as compared to several days with conventional SFX software.

source: Switched